Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Observation on the day - strange happenings everywhere.

JUNE! New day, month and intention. Hoping to keep updating with what's what. You are now forewarned or, if I were a writer, foreshadowed, but since I'm a lawyer, this is disclaimer de minimus, cause I can. :-P Be thankful. It could be disclaimer Significante, which probably isn't a word or could be a Latin language.

FML 6/1/11

Day 32 of training and maybe one or two pounds GAINED !?!?!?!? I started this to boost my metabolism because it was stuck. Now it's stuck again at a higher number. Even after a huge involuntary deposit to the porcelain goddess, I weighed more than when I began.

Weiner's Weiner

Ok, I know it's almost totally outside my universe but Could NOT Be Ignored. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D, NY) has been unable to deny that the tweeted pic of a man's engorged and clothed

groin shows his underwear. Any lawyer worth her salt would have told him not to answer that question; who has original boxers? But, wait, why was Rep. Weiner answering any questions at all? Subpeona or no spilla, I'd say, unless the whole affair was meant to garner attention, which one might call successful after grabbing 45,000 followers for Weiner. BTW, you can't find the pic on twitter or fb anymore, so here - Um, um, um. Now, I wonder if this is real because, have you seen the man?

Groupon Frustration

No, this is not a reference to a huge pile-on of frustration. Groupons? You know. You buy them at half price and let them sit unused until, Oh, I don't know, the last two days they are valid? I can take solace in the reassurance that at least 30 others at the same place I went to did also. Mei Japanese Restaurant in Montgomery tonight was a zoo and I'd hate to see the place Friday, the very last day. Three servers scurried the floor like squirrels scooping up and laying down, talking quicker than even I could fathom, and I didn't want to spend ANY time talking. I picked a bad day to save my appetite for dinner. Of course, it wasn't voluntary. I ran, I got sick and I couldn't eat but decided dinner would be safe because it was just rice and protein and hours away from the crisis. I arrived at 6:30 and saw no food until 7 and didn't get up to leave until 8. Although the food was unobjectionable, all the hubbub about how hard they were working and how patient everyone had to be ruined dinner. Message: If you can't take the heat, literally stay out of the kitchen. Don't participate in Groupons if you can't keep up with the business. They are meant to introduce folks to your place so they will want to return after you make a Good impression. Am I asking too much, folks?


  1. I might have missed the whole wiener episode if it was not for your blog. Now I have something to google in my spare time. As for the Groupon I've bought 2 (so far). The first one with Nutty Guys and it was a great big hassle until I sent some strongly worded e-mails to both Nutty Guys and Groupon. Then I had them both apologizing and offering me perks. It is, as you know, the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. The second one with Bath and Body works couldn't have gone smoother. Keep the blogs coming. :-)

  2. Oh that Weiner man. I hate it when a Democrat does something stupid.
    PS love the Groupons, but you gotta use them before they expire!