Monday, June 6, 2011

Anthony's Troubles Seem to Be Expanding

Chapter II for this Saga:

I have been asked whether it was wise to mock this man's behavior given the terrible time his wife will now have and the fact that this just gives the Republicans reason to bash Dems. I confess my mockery didn't come from a place of deep reflection but after a firm foundation of torture from Prissy, the teaching of the nuns, and my own experiences being mocked, I trust my instincts. Here's basically why I thought this public humor fair: 

1) He had the chance to tell the truth and he lied. No one caught him off guard. He did these things and knew they could surface some day and he chose, "I cannot say with certitude that the picture is not me." 2) He was tweeting young college women, not women his own age. He thought that was acceptable behavior because ???? Once those tweets went into cyberspace, he risked that they would go public. What made him think they wouldn't go public? 3) He is, by his own choice, a public figure.  Nuf said. 

Is it fair to mock his stupidity? I think it's absolutely required. And now we should acknowledge that he has done the right thing and it will hurt a lot. I feel awful for his wife. Also, I would much rather have a man who likes to Tweet pix of his body parts represent me than a woman who doesn't know seventh grade history, social studies or geography.  

Mary Kay

What was he thinking sending these off to college aged girls?
Well, I don't know about you but I was always convinced this was the Congressman and now we have his word for it. Looks like there was some serious manscaping done here. There were other pix but they just were not that interesting. See Wednesday's post for prior news. I liked his approach ("I lied to myself") and am glad he didn't resign. He is, after all, a politician and chances are good his replacement could be worse. This way the voters can decide.

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