Sunday, April 25, 2010

Glazin the Tub

Glazin the tub is nothing like praying the to the porcelain God; it's painting a new face on an old appliance. I did this myself with a brush-on epoxy paint. The tub was glazed once before the flood but, with moving it, the dry-out stirring up a lot of dust and dripping paint on it, the tub needed a new coat after the flood damage was fixed.
So, this is the final product. It doesn't have a perfect surface. If you could see this up close, you'd see brush strokes. If I were a perfectionist, I'd have a professional do this with a spray machine; it's the only way you have a chance at an even surface. And the fumes, forgetaboutit! But, this tub has never looked so good and, after all, I'm not going to serve dinner on it.